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"I have worked with Ronnie Lebow for over 10 years. His ability to produce engaging and strategic advertising campaigns, on time and on budget, is remarkable.
A passionate team player, it is always a pleasure to work with Ronnie."

• Wanda Day, Corporate Brand Management, Panasonic Canada Inc.



"Ronnie is the Best! I have worked with him for the past year and his professionalism, creativity and design work are superior to any we've used in the past 10 years. 
He listened to our needs and helped us with our marketing plan. I am happy to refer him to anyone in need of  innovative and creative ideas. His attention to detail is second to none and his broad experience sets him apart." 


• Daly McCarten, Executive Director, Uptown Yonge BIA

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ronnie for over 2 years.
Since obtaining him as my creative designer for all of our creative projects, I've had nothing but excellent dedication and creativity.  Working with him is a breeze, and so much fun.  His attention to detail and compassion for design is evident in all of his work.  I would highly recommend Ronnie Lebow." 


• Carly Santos, RegalCraft Homes

"I am absolutely delighted with the work Lebow did for my company.  The logos capture the essence of what my business is all about.  It has given me an important reference point, in the form of a personality for my business, that I can look to reflecting everything I want it to become."​

 Stephen Whittaker, Global Music Depot/What's on Music.

"Ronnie is suffused with energy, ideas, optimism and guts.  He takes on a brief like an athlete and doesn't stop until he wins.
I love working with Ronnie;  you know you're on a winning team.
My advice: put him on yours."


 Linda Jane Chandler, Copywriter

"I know Ronnie to be an industry expert - someone who puts his heart and soul into his work in order to delight a client.  He is a veteran brand builder and a powerhouse of a creative mind.  He also has the ability to consistently produce new and innovative work across a myriad of industry sectors. What Ronnie doesn't know about branding and advertising isn't worth knowing."

 Simon Raybould, Global Business Development Manager, Bitebank Media

"As a client of Ronnie Lebow, I found him to be creative and dedicated.  He pays the same attention and care to all jobs - no matter how big or small.  It was a real pleasure working with Ronnie."

 Nida Marji, Poetic Pictures


"I have known Ronnie for over 10 years. During that time I have found him to be consistently enthusiastic, passionate about what he does, forward thinking, with just the right amount of skepticism to question the status quo - the result being unexpected, yet relevant solutions.  He's a pleasure to work with.  He listens well.  His creative is great.  He's not precious about the outcome.  Now that's not to say he doesn't care, he does!!!  I highlight it to underscore his commitment to a GREAT outcome, regardless of the source.  In other words, he's not a prima donna, or a diva.  He's a partner. ​​ ​I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a great creative product, and wants to have fun along the way."​

 Heidi Ehlers, BLACK BAG creative recruitment + career management inc.

"High energy, outspoken and a blast to work with, Ronnie can be relied on to turn out clean, slick work, even when it comes down to the crunch.  In fact, I'd say he thrives on challenges and rises to the occasion every time.  He's my trusted, go-to designer."

 Judy Margolis

"I would not hesitate to recommend Lebow to anyone in search of leading, effective and thought provoking graphical expertise and brand brilliance.  Ronnie has never let me down, and has always produced beyond my expectations and within expected timelines. Feel free to contact me or one of my partners for a personal reference.

 Daniel Freeman, Freeman Real Estate Ltd.

"Lebow service and quality of work is excellent.  I have used him on a number of projects and the personal touch his company has shines in a market that is overwhelmed with choices."

 Steven Greco, Chalkers Pub

​"Ronnie Lebow is a fresh star in the design/advertising field.  He has the rare combination of creativity and design skill. We've designated him our "designer for life".


Cory Sherman, Sherman Brown LLP

"Ronnie Lebow and his unique logo for the Brick By Brick campaign were instrumental in helping us achieve our success.  His design resonated with people.  The design was original, crisp and made an emotional impact with viewers."

 Lee Grunberg, co-chair, Glen Cedar Park Fundraising Committee



"Ronnie designed some amazing marketing materials for me.
I distribute 200 - 300 a day in targeted areas. I get 3-4 amazing leads a week from this."

 Ron Singer, Deerborne Insurance

"Self-motivated professional - Ronnie did an exceptional job on a recent project.  His high level of skill and knowledge makes Ronnie view solutions instead of problems.  His ability to take our vision, conceptualize and create is second to none.  He has been invaluable to the success of our business."

 Eric Klein, VSL Computer Group Ltd.

"Ronnie is one of the most creative, strategic and straight forward individuals I have met in the creative world.  He is worth every penny he charges for his expertise.
If you need someone to deliver results over and above any expectations, Ronnie should be your go-to-guy!!!"


 David Steinhouse, Slavens & Associates

"We have engaged Ronnie to design
direct mail/advertising materials on
several occasions, and his work has always been on strategy, very creative, timely and cost effective.  We recommend Ronnie to anyone or any business that is looking
for real creativity that will work for
your business."

 David Savournin, Canada Life

"Ronnie is a very talented designer who understands business strategy.  He is a creative thinker, generous in sharing his ideas, and a
team player."


 Debra Stuart, Copywriter/Marketing Consultant

"I have had the pleasure in dealing 
with Mr. Lebow on many occasions for promotional work, which included many advertising  campaigns.  His imaginative skill has brought many ideas to life to create just the right images our company required.  The experience (from start to finish) we received,
is more than what any company looking for a designer could expect to get."


 Carmine Sorella, Fourth Street Poker Tours

"Ronnie and I have been working together for weeks on a
multi-dimensional project.

He has created a smart, articulate logo for our current project and
a beautiful lush brochure.  I look forward to working with him in the future."


• Melody Tomkow, Palmetto Bay Resort, Belize.​

"Ronnie has worked with us since operations began in 2001.  We have always been pleased with his creativity and timing on assignments.  We cannot recommend him strongly enough."


 Don MacLean, Real Estate Training Institute

"Ronnie has done a fantastic job of incorporating the various images,

messages and voices central to our project.  He is very strong in terms of developing creative concepts that are on strategy. Ronnie has been creative, funny and PATIENT through the entire process. 
I am grateful and very impressed!"

 Sheri Rapp, Paul Penna DJDS

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